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As new restrictions have been put in place across Canada, I’m even more grateful for the events I was able to attend recently. One that sticks in my mind the most is a truly fabulous brunch event I attended with MOJO at Chef’s Hall in Toronto earlier this month. Firstly, what’s not to like about brunch?! You’ve got the food, the laughter, (well, hopefully, if your company is funny, which mine were), and of course, who can forget the mimosas and other breakfast cocktails!

Now, when you combine brunch with a Real Housewife, I’ll be there so fast even the HAYU and Bravo Gods couldn’t stop me! I’m a big fan of the franchise and thanks to THYRST Media (created by former Big Brother Canada (S1) contestant Aneal Joshua) this brunch exists! I was lucky enough to go to one of the first events Aneal headed and organized with Host & TV personality Frankie Cena, in partnership with HAYU and featuring a very special guest – the one and only Meredith Marks from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City!

Meredith Marks &Aneal Joshua
Thyrst Media

As we walked in and checked our coats, the Housewives theme was already visible with some of the famous women’s most memorable quotes draping the scenery, including Erika Jayne’s dramatic monologue about Tom Girardi’s house being broken into. After some Instagram-worthy photo-ops, we entered the main room where we were led to our table and greeted with a complimentary cocktail. The mouthwatering aroma of Executive Chef Elia Herrera‘s Mexican brunch buffet filled the air of the spacious and swanky Chef’s Hall. After our bellies were full, the proclaimed “Queen of disengaging” was introduced and all eyes turned to a central staircase as Meredith Marks walked down the stairs and into the center of the room.

Meredith Marks
Thyrst Media

In-person, Meredith is even more beautiful, and she’s exactly as she is on The Real Housewives, which is fantastic seeing how it’s a reality show and you never really know how people are edited for TV. She gave an elegant speech thanking the hosts and all the guests for their support before mentioning how much the city of Toronto specifically means to her (Meredith lived here before – an honourary Torontonian)! After thunderous applause, Meredith thanked the audience again and took her seat to enjoy some eats, drinks and shows with the rest of us!

This event was an overall trifecta of food, special guests and performances! I have to mention the Drag Queen performances by THYRST’s very own Kingchella along with Canada’s Drag Race contestants, Kiara (S1) and Eve 6000 (S2). The room’s energy matched the performances as drinks were audibly toasting and big smiles could be seen across the faces of everyone in attendance.

Kiara & Meredith Marks
Thyrst Media

A full course of food and two champagne bottles later, Meet and Greet time with Meredith Marks was upon us! Each table took their turn to line up for a photo with Meredith but due to Covid restrictions, a plastic barrier was placed between Meredith and each greeter. Safety first! As I moved up in line, I noticed that she had an engaging conversation with each person that stepped up. She looked delighted with the exchanges and then the photographs that followed. I walked up to her as casually as one could when meeting a Real Housewife and proceeded to tell her how much my best friend and I love her! She responded with a warm smile, saying, “That is the sweetest thing! Thank you, and please tell them, thank you!”

Editor-in-chief of Mojozine, Joey Viola, got a chance to ask Meredith what her favourite movie was. Meredith answered “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” before the two shared some laughs and an adorable photo toasting their mimosas through the plexiglass barrier. As the meet and greet came to its end, we were left mingling with the fellow patrons in a very laid-back but still very energetic atmosphere. Big Brother Canada winner Sarah Hanlon was in attendance and enjoying every bit of the event, as well as some other popular Canadian reality TV personalities like BBCAN power-couple Ika Wong and Demetres Giannitsos, 1 Girl 5 Gays alumni David Robert and resident choreographer of Canada’s Drag Race, Hollywood Jade!

Hollywood Jade & Meredith Marks
Thyrst Media
Joey Viola of MoJo Toronto & Meredith Marks
Monty Tayara of MoJo Toronto & Meredith Marks

The energy inside Chef’s Hall was all-around pure joy and happiness. I know I’m looking forward to the next Housewives event (fingers crossed for Porsha Williams from Atlanta) and if you or someone you know might be interested, dear reader, well you can always be on the lookout for these special events by following @thyrstmedia and @hayuca on Instagram.

Until next time, I’m off to take a five-hour bubble bath and listen to “Meditation by Meredith”.